Welcome to ‘Telling the Gospel’!

What events led me to become the first executive director for Christianity Explored in North America and to become the author of this blog?

I first heard about Christianity Explored during its early days of development in the late 1990s. An elder from the church I planted and served as pastor in the Washington, DC area had a three-year job assignment at the American embassy in London. While in London, Chuck became actively involved in the evangelism ministry at All Souls Church. When he returned to our church after this assignment in London, he had a passion for evangelism that he had not had before.

He brought some materials back with him. The materials were not yet published as the first edition of Christianity Explored. We used these copied materials as an outreach Bible study.

Fast forward several years, and I was called to be the home missions director for a small denomination. In that position, it quickly became evident how much help most churches need in evangelism. I introduced Christianity Explored as a resource for our denomination, and we hosted two training conferences for Rico Tice, Barry Cooper, and Sam Shammas to train our pastors and leaders. As I watched churches implement Christianity Explored, I saw people being equipped with a love for the gospel that resulted in a passion to tell it. Many of the churches that implemented Christianity Explored noticeably grew in the number of lost people they were engaging with the gospel.

When I read in a Christianity Explored newsletter about plans to develop a staff here in North America to help expand the ministry, it was like that note jumped off the page to me. I am here because I believe this is a tool that we need in the North American Church, and I am writing because that tool is transforming me more and more into one who is learning to love, live, and tell the gospel.

My wife and I moved to Greenville, SC nine years ago. We love Greenville because of the way that visionary leaders have led a transformation of the downtown area from a deserted shell losing businesses to the local mall, to a vibrant downtown that is full of people of all ages seven days a week. In that same way, we want to see lives transformed as people meet Jesus in the pages of Scripture so that Jesus walks off the page and into their heart.


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