Giving Evangelism a Voice Throughout the Year

In a recent conversation with someone who has led Christianity Explored (CE) courses for many years, I heard that running CE three times a year helps keep evangelism in front of the congregation. Evangelism needs an advocate within the church. This CE leader said that you need “Someone to keep it in front of people, to give it priority, otherwise it loses steam.”

My good friend and church revitalization trainer, Dr Ken Priddy says that outreach needs a voice within the church. There are many voices for inreach, but you need to be intentional about providing a voice for outreach.

So this experienced CE leader said to me, “Integrate it (CE) into the church calendar.” His church integrates it by running three courses a year:
• Fall
• Winter, right after Christmas
• Spring, right after Easter

image of plan

With those three Christianity Explored courses built into the church calendar each year, the church plans outreach events that help church members build relationships with neighbors, friends, and coworkers that they can then invite to the CE course.


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