Not New Year’s Resolutions, But a Changed Life

As we celebrate New Year’s Day, people view it as a time for new beginnings. Therefore, many will make New Year’s resolutions. But how often are those resolutions quickly broken? I can tell you that when I go to the gym in January, I will have to wait to get on my usual exercise machines. But just a few weeks later, the gym will be less crowded. We know from experience that many of our New Year’s resolutions don’t last.

But what if we think of life change through the power of the gospel rather than resolutions in our own power? God’s word is able to change lives. Someone recently sent me this video testimony of a changed life – real change that is bearing fruit ten years later. Take five minutes to watch this video and let it strengthen your confidence in the Bible to change lives as the Holy Spirit applies the gospel to people’s hearts.


One thought on “Not New Year’s Resolutions, But a Changed Life

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