Here is a helpful resource for you.

Did you know there is a website to assist you in outreach and in inviting people to a Christianity Explored course?  If you have not seen it already, take a look at  Consider how it can help you as you relate to friends that are open to exploring what Christianity is all about.

According to Rico Tice, “the idea is for this site to be a welcoming, unpressured and jargon-free place for people to explore the Christian faith. It is packed with answers to tough questions as well as some wonderfully engaging real-life stories of people who have come to faith in Christ Jesus. There is an animated presentation of the gospel and some info on the Christianity Explored course as well as a powerful ‘find a course’ feature so that we can point people to local Christianity Explored courses.”

Rico suggests forwarding the link to the site to people who are interested in knowing more. He has other ideas about how to use the site, “Why not link to it from your church website or post it on your Facebook page? The beauty is that it is suitable for anyone and everyone to visit, regardless of how they would describe themselves spiritually.”

One way I use the site is with people who want to know more about the Christianity Explored course.  I point them to the video for session one, which is found here on the site:

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