It’s Not about Getting People to Buy What You’re Selling

“We all know what it feels like to try to get people to buy something you’re selling, but what about something you’re not selling? What does it feel like to encourage people to experience something you’ve experienced?” asked Rev. Matt Miller of Greenville, SC.

Rev. Miller suggests that too many people equate evangelism to sales. While sales are necessary in many realms of business, evangelism is better understood as inviting people to experience what you have experienced. Most of us can remember a time we have commended a book, a movie, or a restaurant that we have enjoyed.


Miller suggests looking at evangelism this way, “Evangelism is not about getting people to buy something you’re selling, but about getting people to buy what you’re buying.”

With that in mind, Miller suggests that when we invite someone to a Christianity Explored course, that we include in our invitation something along these lines, “We’re doing this seven week course on Wednesday nights that’s a really well-done presentation of the Gospel as found in Mark. I’m going so that I can be reminded in the midst of my busy life about the basics of Christianity. I can get so stressed and distracted and lose my perspective of what matters in eternity. Would you like to come with me? Besides, we’ll get to eat together once a week, which would be fun to get to know you better.”

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