Taking Christianity Explored multiple times

Why would someone come to Christianity Explored multiple times?

Below is an interview with Kareen, who recently finished the Christianity Explored course at Greentree Church in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Christianity Explored is not just an evangelism course, it is a gospel course that helps people grow as disciples through understanding the gospel more clearly. Kareen has completed the course multiple times.

Why did you keep coming  to do the course so many times?1102366_83364667

When I left Christianity Explored the first time it really gave me a fresh start in my walk with Jesus. I just felt different- I didn’t feel alone anymore. I kept going back because it really helped me stay on track spiritually and I got something new out of it each time. Plus the salad they serve is out of this world!

How has it helped you in your relationship with Jesus?

It has answered a lot of my questions like “Why would God love a sinner like me? Why would God send his Son to forgive me? Why my sins?” The class made it very clear that it’s not about me and it’s not about what I have to do, but it’s about what Jesus has done for me!

What would you say to encourage other people to come out to the class?

If you’re curious and want to know more about the gospel or even if you’re just struggling to stay on track spiritually, you will find Christianity Explored helpful. It’s a fun night out and the teachers and table leaders are so helpful. But most of all hearing the good news about Jesus is such a rewarding experience! There’s only one life, so why not come find out what it’s really all about?


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