How Flexible is Christianity Explored?

Two frequently asked questions I sometimes get …

One:  Does Christianity Explored work in North America, or is it too British?
Two:  What is the best way to use Christianity Explored?

The answer to the first question is a resounding “yes!”
Many skeptics and unbelievers in North America have been converted to Christ through Christianity Explored and believers have been energized in sharing their faith.

As to the second question, Christianity Explored can be used in a variety of contexts.
Let me give a few examples of the ways it is being effectively used in North America:

  • A course offered at the church building, with church members inviting their friends.
  • A small group study in a home, with family members inviting neighbors to come explore the life of Jesus.
  • A lunch time study in the workplace. Bob Dyar, the chaplain at Joe Gibbs Racing has been using Christianity Explored for more than three years in this context.
  • A follow-up course to a community outreach event. One church used it as a follow-up to a passion play.
  • A course offered at a community location, such as a YMCA, a fast food restaurant, or even a doctor’s office.
  • An evangelistic tool in prisons, crisis pregnancy centers, and other targeted ministries.
  • One to one studies being done with a friend, neighbor, family member, or work colleague. One man even used it long distance with his adult son, who lives in another state.
  • As a means for building up the core group for a new church plant
  • As an initial exposure to the church. One church that has a number of visitors runs Christianity Explored continuously on Sunday mornings with new courses being done throughout the year.

My point is… Christianity Explored is flexible, easily adaptable, and widely used across North America. It can be adjusted so that it suits your given context.

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