Thanksgiving … a cure for gospel amnesia

What do you most love about the gospel?

That’s the way I began a Christianity Explored training session last weekend.  We divided into groups and discussed our own answers to that question, then the groups reported back to the whole class.

After we had reviewed a multitude of reasons why we love the gospel, one participant remarked…

It’s so easy for me to develop a case of gospel amnesia.

We are all prone to gospel (or good news) amnesia.  That’s one reason an annual day of Thanksgiving is so helpful.  One of the most repeated commands in the Bible is “remember.”

One of the commanding officers under which I served in the Navy was William G. Collins.  Commander Collins used to say…

If you remember it, you won’t forget it.

At first that sounds trite, but it’s actually profound.

To keep from forgetting requires the active discipline of remembering.


Spend some time this Thanksgiving actively counting your blessings, and remembering what you most love about the gospel.

Remembering and giving thanks is a cure for gospel amnesia.

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