Falling in Love with Jesus


Keith and Rose Robinson, table leaders at Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Canada share how they “fell deeply in love with Jesus” during the course and are now blessing others with the same message that changed their lives.

What were your lives like before you came on the course/became Christians?

We both felt that we were missing something in our lives.  Something was pulling at both of our hearts.  We wanted to discover if our lives together and the relationships around us could even be stronger and more fulfilling.  By observing a few Christian family members, including an uncle and aunt that married us eleven years ago, we both saw that there was something different about how they carried themselves.  We both wanted to see why having Jesus made such a difference.

How did you find yourselves attending a church course? How did you hear about the Christianity Explored course at Grant Memorial Baptist Church?

Although Rose was a Catholic and I was raised in the United Church, both of us had not attended church for a long time. When we decided that we wanted to go to a church, Rose asked a coworker about churches and she recommended Grant Memorial Baptist Church. We made the choice to try Grant and it was the best choice we have ever made.  We were warmly welcomed into their community at the first service.  We also enjoyed the music and the message even though we did not quite understand it.  It was very powerful and we definitely wanted to hear more. We then asked Ted Hull how we could find out more about Christianity.  Ted is a long time church member and his wife is a second cousin to my dad.

What happened at Christianity Explored that had an impact on you? What was the highlight of the course for you?

The whole experience of Christianity Explored had a positive impact and assisted our walk in becoming Christians.  At the start of the course, our table leaders did not tell us what we had to believe.  Instead, they provided warm, positive insight combined with the course material that let us learn about Jesus in our own way.  The atmosphere also was comfortable and open for asking any question that we had.

Rose and I were always close.  However, we saw our relationship grow even stronger as we were working through the course material and the Gospel of Mark.  One Saturday night after having dinner at my parents, we came home and started to study our Week 5 questions on the resurrection.  We started studying at 9pm.  When we finished, we thought we would watch a show before going to bed.  However, we found out it was nearly 2am. We had been studying for five hours and it felt like one hour.  That was the night that we both fell deeply in love with Jesus.

After becoming a Christian, what led you to becoming a table leader at the Christianity Explored course at Grant Memorial Baptist Church?  How has this helped you and your wife grow as Christians?

After we both experienced the impact of Christianity Explored in our own lives, we wanted to watch other people’s lives being impacted like ours.  Rose and I felt that sharing our love for Jesus through Christianity Explored was the perfect fit.  We are humbled that God has glorified our lives that we are able to give back.  During our first time as tables leaders, Wendy, one of the participants, fell deeply in love with Jesus. Wendy has now brought another friend to our second class.  She has invited her husband, mother, and nephew to church. We also had my parents come to the course and this spring they will be baptized at our church. It is very clear to see how much Christianity Explored has impacted so many people in their walk in just three classes.

Because of the course, we have both become more confident as we would have never been able to be table leaders without the glory of God that we received.  The other exciting impact is that Christianity Explored has taught us how to read, understand, and fall in love with the Bible.  We are in love with the good Word.

How has the Christianity Explored course impacted your church community on a personal level?

Christianity Explored has changed our lives in an extraordinary way and we are now baptized, church members, church greeters, and table leaders at Christianity Explored.  God has enriched our lives with the seeds that we planted and our growth in faith is the most amazing feeling that we have ever experienced.  In addition, we have made many Christian friends that have taken us under their wing to assist us in our walk. We have seen how important it is to have such strong Christians at Grant Memorial Baptist Church that follow what Jesus wants us to do. “Love others like I love you.”  Becoming Christians has also enriched our lives by filling our hearts with the love of Jesus, which has improved our relationships with family, friends and new friends.

What would you want to say about attending a Christianity Explored course to others who are seeking spiritually?

Christianity Explored is the best way to go about and will allow you to learn not be told, ask questions without fear of judgment, and observe from the leaders what Christianity is on your own terms.  If you open your heart and mind, you will find your path to your salvation at the cross of Jesus, and your life will never be the same. Take some time; plant some seeds for your eternal life; it is worthwhile.

The DVD that accompanies the course material is a wonderful package that has been put together.  We like they way Rico is able to engage the participants and help facilitate their understanding.  The course questions are laid out in a way that takes the seeker/inquirer down a path of learning that will lead to the love of Jesus and understanding of Christianity. We both would love to talk to other churches about what Christianity Explored could do for their community.  We are thankful that God directed us to Grant Memorial Baptist Church and Christianity Explored.

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