A Very Different Christmas


Open the presents in God’s living room this year… Get the brand new A Very Different Christmas eBook by Rico Tice and Nate Morgan Locke FOR FREE throughout October.

Go to The Good Book Company North America Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thegoodbookcompanynorthamerica). Look for the post about A Very Different Christmas FREE eBOOK and follow the instructions.

Rico Tice’s new book, A Very Different Christmas, explains the Gospel in a simple yet challenging way. It looks at the Gospel through four different Christmas gifts. This book was written for Christians to give to their unbelieving friends and family members in order to show them the beauty of the Gospel, yet I also found it to be challenging and refreshing for me as a believer.

I often forget how precious and valuable the gift of salvation is and I take for granted how vast God’s grace is towards me. To gain even an elementary understanding of that grace is overwhelming.

It becomes very easy to get caught up in activity, especially during the holidays, and to lose sight of what Christmas is all about.

Accepting God’s gifts to us, especially the gift of righteousness that Jesus gives to God, the Father, on our behalf, is the only way to start our relationship with Him. But we also need to continue walking in light of the gifts that God gives us, instead of thinking that we have something to give him that can earn his favor. This can be easy to forget, and so it is easy to try and live decent lives as if the truths of God’s gifts to us don’t exist. So get this free eBook and examine it as a resource to give to unbelieving friends and family members this Christmas, but also let its message sink into your mind and enable you to live for Christ each day.

By Emily Gray

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