An environment for people to ask questions

Britt is a videographer who filmed stories of people coming to Christ through Christianity Explored at Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs. He was touched by the effectiveness of a ministry that provided an environment where people could ask questions and not be made to feel silly for asking. That is the “explore” part of Christianity Explored. Now he has been dialoguing with his neighbors, Dave and Cindy – and he wants to bring them to Christianity Explored! So, while Britt does not attend Village Seven, he has confidence in how Christianity Explored tells the good news!

Here is one example of a story Britt filmed:

Thanks for helping spread the gospel through Christianity Explored here in North America. We invite you to like our Christianity Explored North America Facebook page and to visit our websites: or


Kevin Allen

Regional Director – Western North America


Christianity Explored North America

3009 Drakestone Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone – 719-357-7538   Email –


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