My Year Learning about Christianity Explored throughout North America

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By:  Emily Gray

As a Christianity Explored (CE) contractor this year, I have been able to see the influence CE has had across America. It has been such a privilege to see how God is using these tools to reach lives.

I called churches in several states throughout North America and was able to hear of how CE is being used and how the Lord is drawing people to Himself. Christianity Explored has allowed many churches to reach out to their communities and share the gospel in a relational and understandable way.

Often I found church leaders were excited to share what God is doing and were eager to continue using CE as a way to reach people that they might not otherwise have the chance to reach. While not all ministry methods work for every single person, CE is a program that can be effective and can be a foundation for sharing the Gospel. Whether you use it with children, women, teenagers, internationals, or as a personal Bible study, CE is very flexible in that you can use it with different people groups and it is adaptable to different ministry contexts.

One of the most interesting ways it is used is through prison ministry. Many people use CE when they go to spend time with inmates. CE provides a path to guide them in talking about the Gospel in an open and comfortable way.

Each testimony that I have heard throughout my time with CE has been an encouragement to my heart as I have learned so much from these leaders who have been taking steps of faith in order to fulfill the work of the Lord. No matter how you share the Gospel it should always be with a loving heart and desire to further Christ’s kingdom for His name’s sake.

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