Two Purposes for Our Annual North America Conference

While Christianity Explored is expanding rapidly in parts of Africa and the Middle East, it is only slowly expanding in North America. Why is that?

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Even though Christianity Explored is a proven tool not only for sharing the gospel, but also for helping ordinary Christians learn to share their faith effectively, it is not as well known in North America as it should be.

One of the purposes of the 2017 annual North America conference is to help introduce this proven tool to churches that need a resource like this.

That is one reason we rotate the conference to different areas of the country. We strategically and prayerfully choose areas of North America that we believe would benefit from Christianity Explored – places where people are in need of a tool that helps them connect the gospel with people in today’s culture.

The good news is that there are hundreds of churches in every region of North America that have been using Christianity Explored for years and have found that it works. Our annual conference links these churches together, equips them to use our resources better, and gives them opportunities to connect and help each other. We also gain their help both in spreading the word about Christianity Explored and in supporting our expansion efforts.

There is still time to register for this year’s conference before the registration deadline of Friday, March 17th. Countryside Community Church is our conference host this year, March 24-26, in Sherwood, OR (Portland area).

Register for Christianity Explored’s 2017 North America Conference Today!

If you are reading this post but aren’t familiar with how Christianity Explored works, the following short video explains the course to potential guests.


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