How Do You Get People to Come to an Evangelistic Bible Study?

On May 11th we hosted our first webinar on best practices to follow when leading a Christianity Explored course.

Our topic focused on a question we hear often: “How do you get people to come to Christianity Explored?”

Thoughts shared during the webinar include:

  • You need to show people the value of the course
  • Personal relationships are key
  • Nearly 90% of the people who come are there because they were invited by their friends

Click HERE to download that 26-minute webinar.

The following are two recent stories showing the importance of personal invitations.

Sherrie and Kevin Evans: Littleton, Colorado

Sherrie Evans leads a Christianity Explored study out of her home in Littleton, Colorado. Twice each year, Sherrie and her pastor’s wife, along with one other lady, go door-to-door in their neighborhood and personally invite a couple of hundred households to their Saturday morning Christianity Explored course.

Each time they do this 5-10 neighbors show up, and they join with other neighbors taking the course again. These neighbors have become friends, leading to a lively group!

One major attraction to the group is the brunch Sherrie serves each Saturday during the course. Sherrie has invited neighbors and has run the course several times now. Each time she leads a course her confidence grows.

Hunter Benson: San Diego, California

Hunter Benson of Redeemer Presbyterian in San Diego was surprised by the attendance at the first session of the Christianity Explored course his church ran this spring. Just before the course began, only 12 people had registered, but 35 people came!

How did that happen? It happened because 10 different Christians brought non-Christian friends to the course (several of whom had been very opposed to Christianity – it was a miracle they came!). With that mixture of Christians and non-Christian friends there was lively discussion, with honest, challenging questions being asked.

Hunter overheard several people say that the course is the first time they’ve ever read one of the Gospels. This is a powerful result of friends inviting friends – and these friends are now discussing questions of faith and are looking at the Word of God for answers.

If you are interested in learning more best practices for leading a Christianity Explored course, consider attending one of the following webinars:

Training Your Christianity Explored Leaders
Thursday, May 18
4 PM to 5 PM Eastern
Click Here to Join

The Meal: A Key Component of Christianity Explored
Thursday, May 25
4 PM to 5 PM Eastern
Click Here to Join

These webinars utilize the bluejeans video conferencing network. Simply log in using the links above, and if you experience any difficulties please email me at:

I look forward to seeing you there and discovering how Christianity Explored can help you reach more people for Christ!

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