This Is Why Honest Evangelism Is Such an Effective Tool for Equipping Your Congregation

While serving for 5 years as a campus minister at Harvard University, Pastor Bradley Barnes discovered a love for the Church in New England. In response, he felt called to launch a church campus of Christ the King Church in Newton, MA.

With less than 2% of the population in the Boston area attending a gospel preaching church, he saw the vast opportunity to share the gospel with people unfamiliar with it.

Even though he admits the book sat on his shelf for months – unread – Bradley found that once he read Honest Evangelism he discovered a great tool for helping people learn where to start when sharing the gospel.

In the video below, Pastor Barnes explains why encouraging people to read Honest Evangelism proved to be an excellent way to equip them for gospel outreach in the Boston area. Barnes explains to a colleague, Jason Wakefield, how reading Honest Evangelism not only proved to be an effective tool for the congregation – it helped him personally.

Click here to order copies of Honest Evangelism. Be sure to notice the bulk discounts that are available!

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