How Life Explored Is An Excellent Bridge to Christianity Explored

Life Explored

As Life Explored celebrates its one-year anniversary, the stories we have heard about its effectiveness are giving us keen insight into how God is working through all Christianity Explored courses.

One key insight is how well Life Explored and Christianity Explored fit together.

In Colorado Springs, Dave Hampton has found that the title “Life Explored” captures the imagination of people in today’s culture in a way that the title “Christianity Explored” does not.

Consider three people Dave and his wife personally invited to attend a recent Life Explored course at their church.

Dave says:

“They admitted they would never have come to the course Christianity Explored, due to their own conjured up beliefs about Christianity that were influenced by really negative past experiences with professing Christians and past church exposure.”

Dave had this to say about how God used the Life Explored and Christianity Explored courses together to speak to these three people:

“As they pondered a new viewpoint, and came to recognize the idols in their own lives that never satisfy, they also got comfortable with the friendly environment and with the people leading the table discussions.”

Dave saw something happen as a result:

“This opened the door for them to commit to come to Christianity Explored and dive deeper into the message of Jesus and the truth of the gospel! All three did attend our last Christianity Explored course.”

And the Holy Spirit is continuing to work in their hearts through God’s Word.

“ALL three are again attending the present Life Explored course with us! You can see the Holy Spirit working in their hearts.”

With a new Discipleship Explored launching in 2018 (an ideal next study after Christianity Explored), we hope people like these three will be ready to take the next step in their gospel journey!

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