Seeking to Strengthen Churches

The Apostle Paul didn’t just make converts; he strengthened churches.

Acts 15:41 says that Paul returned to cities where he had previously evangelized, “And he went through Syria and Cilcia, strengthening churches.”

Christianity Explored doesn’t seek to do the work of the local church, but to strengthen the local church.

We seek to equip hundreds of leaders in local churches to train thousands of people to share the good news of Jesus with people who desperately need to hear it. As Rico Tice says: “We all can’t be Bible teachers, but we all can be Bible sharers.”

We strengthen the local church by:

  • Reaching those who don’t yet believe
  • Training believers in how to share their faith
  • Increasing leaders’ confidence in the Bible as the Holy Spirit brings it to life

For Karl Willock, one of our enthusiastic supporters in Colorado Springs, that’s what he found most attractive about Christianity Explored.

Karl explains:

“Although most para-church organizations are performing important and honorable tasks, very few assist and support the work of the local church. This is why I eagerly recommend and compliment the work of Christianity Explored. They make their affordable resources available primarily through local churches. By reviewing their website, the focus is unmistakable – helping churches evangelize the lost and disciple the found through simple and engaging media.” 

We’d love to share Christianity Explored courses and resources with you, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!


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