My Three Words for 2018

Those who have followed this blog for the past several years know that I like to start each new year with three words to guide me for the coming year (2015, 2016, 2017).

These three words are not resolutions, but words that serve as a way to bring focus to my goals and efforts for the year.

My three words for 2017 were: questioning, connecting, and storytelling. These words led to a greater sense of curiosity about people in 2017, and they helped me in building relationships. I also gained a greater appreciation for the power of stories, but I still need to grow as a storyteller.

That leads to my three words for 2018:  Listen, Love, and Learn.

Each of these words have multiple dimensions.

Listen.  I want to hear what God is saying to me through Holy Scripture, but I also want to listen to people so that I can clearly hear what they are trying to say. In addition, I want to focus on listening to my self-talk and considering whether or not I’m telling myself the truth. Finally, will try to listen to my body as I grow older, so that I can understand what it needs to thrive.

Love.  I desire to meditate on how God loves me in Jesus Christ and allow that love to naturally fuel my love for God and for his people. I then want to look for concrete ways to show love to whomever crosses my path, even when I don’t feel like it. I also want to look for ways to love people even when they don’t love me in return.

Learn. I want to learn more about God, myself, and the people I encounter each day. I specifically want to learn from the stories people share with me and how the Holy Spirit may be working in their lives. I’m also focused on continuing to develop the sense of curiosity that my words for 2017 helped encourage.

Have you chosen three words for 2018?

If not, I challenge you to try this three-word approach as a guide for your year.

2 thoughts on “My Three Words for 2018

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