How Will Regional Hubs Across the US Help Support Churches?

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Christianity Explored is launching a regional hub strategy in the US to provide better support to churches across the country. With two staff, one on each coast, it is impossible to reach the vast amount of churches across the country and into Canada so providing these hubs as support is crucial.

Christianity Explored sees strong potential for seven hubs in the initial hub development process. We will begin by developing these seven regional hubs:

Front Range of Colorado, Pacific Northwest, National Capital Region, Nashville,  Southern California, Charlotte-Atlanta corridor, and Texas Triangle (San Antonio/Austin/Houston/Dallas).

The main purpose of these hubs is to help churches, gospel organizations, and individuals in each geographic region grow in the area of outreach and evangelism as they engage with Christianity Explored resources. A mature hub will mobilize leaders in the region to accomplish the following functions: equipping, resourcing, creating awareness, and praying. The hub leaders will build a local financial base not only to support the ministry within that region but also to help extend the overall ministry across the Americas and globally.

We see establishing these regional hubs as a way to provide more and better support not only to churches that are currently benefiting from our resources, but to a growing number of churches across the country that need help in outreach and evangelism.

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