How can SOUL help you reach teens and young adults?


In July, we began highlighting a different Christianity Explored Ministries resource each month. First, we focused on CY – a life-changing journey through the Gospel of Mark for 11-14-year-olds.

For August, we are featuring SOUL.



SOUL helps older teens and young adults explore the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life and helps them discover the best news they could possibly hear.

Prolific author Tim Chester explained why he likes SOUL, “SOUL is basically Christianity Explored for young people. Rico Tice has been replaced by Nate Morgan Locke, but the basic content is similar. That means it’s cross-centered and grace-centered. There’s a clear explanation of sin, judgment, and atonement while the cost of following Christ is plainly spelled out (using Mark 8:34-38).

There’s no compromise on the truth of the gospel for the sake of relevance. Instead, relevance is established by establishing our need for a savior.”

“The distinctions from other religions are highlighted which is important in our increasingly pluralistic context,” Chester continued. “Rico Tice is a more natural presenter, but SOUL is more visually creative. There’s plenty of moody lighting and overhead panning shots as well as strong visual images. The stilling of the storm is told with water beating down on a hooded narrator and the resurrection is narrated in an underground car park climaxing in a motorbike riding up a ramp into the light.”

We have previously featured SOUL in our blog here:

“We had a very rambunctious group of kids and whenever we put on the SOUL DVDs it was dead silent in the room. I could just feel the Holy Spirit working in the kids and it was incredible. It was also great to have our break out sessions after each DVD to have discussion time. The kids had a lot to say about the material and you could tell that God was genuinely working in their hearts.”

SOUL is available from The Good Book Company



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