Bible-Centered Evangelism in Latin America

Billy King and Jerry Cross with some leaders of the Christianity Explored conference in Peru.


There is a need for Bible-centered evangelism in Latin America.  This need is evidenced not only by the numbers of unreached people in Latin American countries but also by the lack of Biblical depth and theological consistency among Latin American Christians. As Equipping Servants International states,

“The Gospel reached Latin America more than a hundred years ago and without a doubt is impacting most sectors of the continent. However, in recent years, the church is facing a very serious problem.  It has become an easy target for false teaching that deviates from the truth of God’s Word.”

We are seeking to train, equip, and encourage Latin American pastors and lay leaders as a means to strengthening the Biblical depth and theological consistency in Latin American churches and to promote evangelism so that more people in Latin America will come to love, live, and tell the gospel.

As Rico Tice, Minister of Evangelism at All Souls Church, Langham Place, in central London and founder of Christianity Explored, says,

 “Christ calls us to make disciples of all nations. I am convinced that God’s Word is not only the message, but the method. We are helping pastors and lay people all over the world really feel that they can get the Bible open and let it speak for itself. As they do so, blind eyes are opened to the horror of sin and the wonder of grace. What can be more important than that?’

Our solution centers on three activities: training, equipping, encouraging.  

  • Training:  Providing training conferences in conjunction with Latin American partners.  Our first series of conferences was in 2009. Since 2014, we have been providing conferences on an annual basis through an expanding network of countries in Latin America.  These conferences are for both pastors and lay leaders. From 2014 to the end of 2017, we have conducted 12 conferences in seven different Latin American countries that have trained a total of 1100 attendees, that includes 275 pastors.  Two more are scheduled for September 2018 in Uruguay and Chile.
  • Equipping:  Providing materials for pastors and lay leaders to use evangelistically.  
  • Encouraging: Presence, leadership, gathering at training conferences, and prayer.

We have already distributed 4,000 copies of a Spanish edition of the Gospel of Mark that includes Christianity Explored notes to help people see how the gospel is presented in Mark.  We have distributed these Gospels in Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. The second round of printing and distributing will occur by the end of October 2018 in Chile and Uruguay.  20,000 copies of the Gospel of Mark, 2,000 Christianity Explored Handbooks and other material will be distributed among these areas. There is a strong demand as indicated by the fact that we are to already over-subscribed with requests for this material.

Based on the response so far, our next phase in Latin America will be much more ambitious.  The next phase will include more training conferences, along with printing and distributing 100,000 copies of Mark’s Gospel; 500 copies of the Christianity Explored video dubbed in Spanish; along with 2,000 Spanish Christianity Explored Handbooks: and 500 copies of Rico Tice’s Honest Evangelism in Spanish.

This third phase is projected to cost $131,500.  If you would like to help support this ministry, we invite you to visit our donation page.

nathaniel mckenzie

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