Did you know that Christianity Explored is expanding in Canada?


We want to introduce John Kivell, CE Ministries Canada regional director for Alberta. He is our first regional director in Canada, but the ministry is expanding.

After a career in the business community, John decided to devote himself to helping churches and individuals develop a heart for evangelism, and then equipping them with the tools to reach their communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

He has developed relationships with church leaders in cities, towns, and villages throughout the Province of Alberta and beyond. Since joining Christianity Explored, he’s had an enthusiastic response from coast to coast to the announcement that Christianity Explored is seeking to become officially recognized as a non-profit charitable organization in Canada.

Here is what John says about his vision for Christianity Explored in Canada:

“My vision is to see an effective and increasing use of Christianity Explored materials to help turn my home country, Canada, back to Christ. Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. It achieved its independence from Britain as “The Dominion of Canada” in 1867.  Like the US, it was born as a nation under Christian principles. Our nation’s motto is “A Mari Usque Ad Mare,” Latin for, “From sea to sea.” Both the title, “Dominion” and the motto were taken from Psalm 72:8:

‘He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.’ (KJV)”

Canada’s population is about 37 million people, 90% of them living within 100 miles of the northern US border –  the longest, ‘undefended’ border in the world. It is the second largest country, by area, in the world. It borders on three oceans: the Atlantic to the east, the Pacific to the west, and the Arctic to the north.

Even though we are just forming a Christianity Explored organization in Canada, some Canadian churches have been using Christianity Explored resources for many years. Currently, there are 258 churches registered in Canada, with Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta being the Provinces with the most activity.  But even though a significant number of churches are using our resources, most churches in Canada are still unaware of Christianity Explored. An initial challenge will be to promote awareness.

We’ve been asked to participate as an official sponsor in the 2019 Youth Alive conference in Edmonton in 2019.

We also have opportunities in the second half of 2018.

Will have a booth at the Gospel Coalition Canada conference in Mississauga Ontario in late October and hope to be able to arrange a training event for local churches in that area to coincide with the timing of that conference.

We will represent Christianity Explored at the denominational Synod of the Anglican Network in Canada (a diocese of ACNA) near Vancouver, BC, in November, and again, we are hoping to hold a training event for interested churches in that area. John would love to have some type of relationship with ANiC that would have them officially recommend Christianity Explored to all parishes in that denomination.

John has already met with key leaders in the Lutheran Church Canada, Harvest Prison Ministries in Canada, and the Christian Reformed Church in Canada. Pray for good working relationships with these denominations and many others.

Once again, John says,

I love every one of our programs and as churches and organizations become more aware of Christianity Explored’s various programs, with their excellent print, training and video materials, I’m confident we’ll see real growth across the nation.”

While John is currently our only representative in Canada, he is expecting growth, especially among churches who insist on holding true to the Scriptures and to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

If you would like to contact John, his email is john.kivell@christianityexplored.org.

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John and Eva


2 thoughts on “Did you know that Christianity Explored is expanding in Canada?

  1. Ingrid Irwin

    I would like to order the leaders manual and also book for participant. How do I go about getting it. Is this the best way to find out about starting the course

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