A Vision to Work through Churches to Reach the Pacific Northwest

Mt. Hood, OR

Starting with a vision to reach the Pacific Northwest with the gospel, six men from diverse backgrounds met in Lake Oswego, Oregon to take the first steps in formally starting a Christianity Explored regional hub.

A hub is a regionally based leadership team that provides local vision, resources, networking connections, and the passion necessary to connect with churches and individuals to strengthen the total evangelistic outreach in the region with the help of resources, strategy, and training from Christianity Explored (CE). In the case of the six from Oregon and Washington, they were inspired to organize a Pacific Northwest hub after reading about the hub established along the Front Range of Colorado about six weeks earlier.

Don Lewis helped bring the group together, while our CE-USA western region director, Kevin Allen, led the meeting. The meeting started with each group member sharing their experience with CE. Don has run CE at his church, River West Church, and has helped with regional training, attended the past two CE North America annual conferences, and is a team builder.

From left to right: Callan, Jim, Peter, Rich, Don, Dave

The other men Don assembled for this initial meeting included: Dave, who has only gone through the course once – but used it to lead a friend to Jesus. Callan and his pastor Peter have used CE for many years, and their church, Countryside Community Church, hosted our annual conference in 2017. Jim, while having limited experience with CE, has a deep love of the ministry, experience as a missionary in Croatia, and brings skills in PR, communications, leadership, and database – skills CE USA desperately needs. Rich runs multiple CE courses – some with his co-workers at Boeing – and he has a desire to work through churches in the Seattle area to reach many people with the gospel.

Our western region director, Kevin Allen, is so encouraged by how this band of brothers has taken oversight of this region of the country – and how they have already affirmed a local hub leader, Don Lewis, and have established their mission statement as a hub:

The mission of the Pacific Northwest CE Hub is to support the broader mission of CE North America by equipping local churches and Christian leaders to effectively utilize CE and other related resources in the work of evangelism in their communities.

If you are interested in getting a hub established in your region or city, contact:

  • Alan Avera (eastern US) alan.avera@christianityexplored.org, or
  • Kevin Allen (western US) kevin.allen@christianityexplored.org

We’d love to work with you.

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