Can You Help Change People’s Hearts Online?

Last Thursday marked 30 days since the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) launched Christianity Explored as a mentored online course as part of their internet evangelism ministry.

In that time, 108 students have enrolled, 89 have engaged with the course material (written answers to questions), and 16 have completed the course,” reports Wil Hester, supervisor of this and other internet discipleship courses at BGEA. “Of those 16 who completed, 3 indicated they were turning to trust Christ for the first time and more than 10 others indicated they were rededicating their lives to follow Jesus. We give glory and praise to God for all of this. He is certainly working through this course to change the hearts of people online!

But there is a problem. Even without any advertisement or any outside links pointing to the course, there have been more students wanting to take the course than was expected. The result is that the existing number of trained coaches available to mentor students through the course cannot keep up with the demand. We are therefore asking you to pray for God to raise up individuals that are experienced with Christianity Explored and who are willing to train to become volunteer coaches with the internet evangelism ministry of BGEA.

If you are interested in being a coach/mentor online, or if you know someone in your church that has experience as a Christianity Explored table leader that might be interested, then click here where you will see the general BGEA requirements for an online coach and where you will learn about the application process. During the phone interview, applicants can mention how they know about Christianity Explored and can indicate a desire to join the discipleship coach team for this course in particular. Once approved as a volunteer coach, specific training for mentoring the Christianity Explored course will include: watching a recorded training webinar, reading through the Gospel of Mark 3 times, and reviewing the online course.

There is especially a need for female coaches to work with female students.

Wil Hester of BGEA wants to significantly increase the number of trained coaches in the next month or so before doing more to promote the online course.

“Praise God for what He is doing!

Wil Hester with a BGEA volunteer.


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