Two Ideas for Your Christmas Outreach

Christmas is still the best outreach opportunity of the year. As Rico Tice says in the short video, Why Do Evangelism at Christmas? – “This is a Christian festival…it’s culturally acceptable to say ‘would you like to come and celebrate Christmas with me?’…people expect us to speak.”

Here are two ideas for outreach at Christmas:

1. Put together a Christmas tract, such as Rico’s “So This is Christmas,” along with the Gospel of Mark. I have heard of one person tying these together with ribbon. You can include an invitation to a special Christmas event at your church, or you can enclose an invitation to an evangelistic series, such as Christianity Explored or Life Explored, that you will be starting soon after Christmas. You can use these as handouts for friends and neighbors, or your church can use them to welcome those who visit during Advent and Christmas.


2. Below is a short video on the significance of Christmas. Be creative in thinking of ways to use this video, such as: showing it during a Christmas service at church, posting it on your church website, or linking to it in a Christmas social media post.

These are two specific ideas, let them spur your own thought and discussion on how to use the opportunity that Christmas provides. One framework that may help is 2 Corinthians 4:5For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. The framework is: proclaim and serve or serve and proclaim. As you serve others for Jesus’ sake, find simple tools like those mentioned here to help you proclaim the best news ever heard.

Find the So This Is Christmas tract here.


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