Making an Eternal Difference at Greentree Church

Who will you be inviting to your church’s Christmas services or programs?  Does your church have a plan for following up those who come to special holiday services?  You never know how God will use your invitation.

Read Kathy’s story below:


“For three years I had been praying for Geri my dear neighbor and friend, three years of praying for her salvation, always looking for moments to speak Truth into her life, asking the Lord to show me ways to minister to her.

And then she asked me one year ago, “so if your God is so sovereign and loving as you say then why does He allow horrific evil and suffering in the world?” Only the Holy Spirit could give me the words to answer her and she listened, at first glaring at me, then leaving with tears in her eyes.

We enjoyed three years of friendship, and even though we were different as day and night politically and spiritually, we loved each other, we were friends and the Lord put our houses right next to each other.


Geri came to the Christmas program here at Greentree 2017 and loved it. She came with us to church Easter Sunday 2018 and that morning Jason gave a testimony about Christianity Explored (CE) and how the Lord used it to change his life.

The next day Monday morning I get a text from Geri telling me that she signed up for the CE. She said if I wanted to go with her that’s fine, but regardless she was going.

God was calling Geri in her heart.

Geri LOVED the classes, enjoyed the fellowship and always said how kind the people were. I went with her one time but every other time I tried to go with her the Lord stopped me. It was like the Lord was saying…….. Kathy, please step aside please I GOT THIS !!!!!!

One week after CE ended Geri became sick with bronchitis which led to pneumonia and while in the hospital they found out her lymphoma came back with a vengeance. My husband Nick was able to visit her first and he asked her where she was with the Lord, and she answered, “ I have trusted the Lord hallelujah”.

She continued to get worse but yet the Lord sustained her. On one of my visits, she said I need to tell you something ……. “I gave my heart and life to Christ.” And she continued very weakly and said:

“do you remember in Mark where the woman touched the hem of Jesus’ robe, I’m reaching out for Jesus’ robe, I’m praying”.

Within two weeks she went from filling up her hummingbird feeders to being in ICU . But in those two weeks Gods power was seen over and over again.

Geri went home to be with her King on June 16th.

I am so very thankful for Jason’s testimony he gave of what the Lord had done for him in Christianity Explored.

I am so very thankful for CE. I believe the Lord drew Geri to it and He used it in her life to bring everything together for her in her heart.

Geri received the teaching and the fellowship she needed. The Lord orchestrated all of this and saw what was ahead for Geri and His timing was perfect AS always, and I’m so very, very thankful for the ministry and compassion of our Pastors to know that CE is so vital.

I’m so thankful for my brothers and sisters who participate in CE in all different ways from scheduling, teaching, cooking the meals and serving, to sitting at the round tables for discussion- being the hands and feet of Jesus, being there this last semester for my dear friend Geri, loving her and ministering to her for it made an eternal difference in her life!

Thank you, Lord, for Christianity Explored!”

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