The Gospel Enroute Across the Pacific!


Lighthouse Harbour Ministries in North Vancouver, BC has pursued God’s unique call of reaching crew members on cargo ships making stops in Vancouver! At any point in time, there are 8-10 cargo ships in port in North Vancouver. While they are in port, Lighthouse visits them and gives out Bibles in their native languages. 70-80% of these cargo ship workers are Filipino, followed by large numbers of Chinese and Indian workers.

Several years ago, Christianity Explored USA Executive Director Alan Avera met with Paul Ratsoy of Lighthouse Harbour Ministries. Since then, Paul has equipped Christian crew members to lead evangelistic Bible studies by providing Christianity Explored videos and the Universal (simplified English) edition of Christianity Explored.

Kevin Allen, CE-USA Western Region Director, followed up with Paul a few weeks ago and was impressed by his love for these seafarers and passion to help them hear the good news of the Gospel! Kevin visited the ministry center in North Vancouver (they have two) where seafarers stop by in the evening after their work.  They can use WiFi, make phone calls, and receive warm Christian hospitality. A seafarer is often away from his family for 8 months at a time. Paul said it is unusual for a ship to come back to the same port, so they only have one opportunity to reach these men.

In January when Kevin returns to Vancouver, he plans to take 50 sets of Christianity Explored (with the videos on a microSD card) and he plans to visit one of the ships in port. Pray for these Christian seamen who will be leading others to know Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. Since the ships most likely will not return to Vancouver, we may never hear the stories of how God uses this ministry.

This Christmas, the Christianity Explored team at Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs is underwriting the cost of the 50 kits heading to Vancouver.

As we continue to look at creative ways to facilitate the Christianity Explored series being used here in North America – and at sea – would you consider partnering with us in ministry? We need your prayer, your participation, and your financial help. Thank you!


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