Commit To It In 2019

In last week’s blog, I quoted from Mark Eldredge’s four-step plan for focusing your church’s ministry in the year ahead.

Step four was:   Once you have a clear direction for where to focus next year, commit to it.  

The number one mistake I see churches make in implementing an evangelistic strategy is to look for that magic program that will work instantly.  They try it once, and if they don’t see immediate results, they either move on to the next program, or they give up.
It takes time and commitment to develop an evangelistic DNA in a church.
At Christianity Explored, we recommend putting it in your calendar at least twice a year, and then develop your other programming around it with everything keeping the evangelistic focus in mind.
I refer you to a series of posts on this blog back in July about moving from class, to course, to ministry.
If you want to develop or strengthen the evangelistic DNA in your church, then commit to it in 2019.

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