Sharpen Your Gospel Telling Skills

We invite you to sharpen your skills for telling the gospel at the Christianity Explored 2019 conference in Nashville on Saturday, May 4th.
The overall theme of the conference is:  How Will They Hear?
We will have main session training by Rico Tice and Randy Newman.
Rico’s talks:
-God’s Part and Our Part in Evangelism
-Preaching Sin in a Hostile World
Randy’s title:
-Bringing the Gospel Home: Witnessing to Family and Close Friends
In addition, we will have a variety of breakout sessions.
Follow this link to get tickets.

randy newman pic (1)

Randy is Senior Teaching Fellow for Apologetics and Evangelism at The C.S. Lewis Institute in Washington, DC. After serving for over 30 years with Cru, he established Connection Points, a ministry to help Christians engage people’s hearts the way Jesus did.


Rico is Minister of Evangelism at All Souls Church, Langham Place, in London, England. Rico was the chief developer of Christianity Explored.As Rico likes to say, We all can’t be Bible teachers, but we all can be Bible sharers.”

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