Aim of CE training: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we said that the aim of Christianity Explored training is to move people from fear to confidence in sharing the gospel.

This is Part 2 of the series by Kevin Allen.

Our training addresses three essential areas of confidence.

Confidence in God – One unit in our training is called: God’s Role and Our Role in Evangelism. Understanding that it’s God’s role to open blind eyes, while our role is simply to proclaim Christ and serve others for Jesus’ sake sets us free in evangelism. Understanding our role frees us from the pride that can come when people accept the gospel, but it also frees us from the despair that can come when people don’t accept the gospel.

Confidence in the Bible – CE training helps people grasp that the power is in God’s Word.  Trainees learn to unpack Mark’s Gospel through three simple words:  Identity, Mission, and Call.  Trainees also learn how CE presents the Bible at four levels: presented by an expert presenter from the front (either Rico Tice via video, or a knowledgeable course leader presenting it live), discussed in small groups, questions answered 1 to 1, and then the primary document, Mark’s Gospel, read by participants on their own at home. They learn that in CE we are getting people into God’s Word through Mark’s Gospel, then we are trusting the Gospel of Mark to tell the good news of Jesus.


Confidence in the Methodology – We give trainees confidence in our methodology by explaining what it means to be a Christianity Explored table leader (or discussion leader) and then demonstrating what it is like to lead a session by letting them sample a simulated session.  We help them see that CE is not about being an expert, but rather about serving others for Jesus’ sake. They learn the value of listening and asking questions.  They also learn to trust the Gospel of Mark to tell the gospel over the seven weeks of the CE course.  Course leaders don’t need to feel pressure to squeeze all the gospel content into week one.  Trainees also learn the power of sharing the gospel out of relationship, and why having food is so important. We include a unit on Getting our Expectations Right – helping people develop the right long-term perspective of a CE ministry.

This has been Part 2 of a three-part series on the Aim of CE Training by Kevin Allen.  To be continued in Part 3…

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