Aim of CE training: Part 3


In Part 1 of this series, we said that the aim of Christianity Explored training is to move people from fear to confidence in sharing the gospel.  Then in Part 2, we saw how our training addresses three essential areas of confidence.  This is the final part of the 3-part series by Kevin Allen.

Why CE Training Works

By giving you confidence in some essential areas, training helps you overcome fears that stop you from sharing the gospel.

  1. If you have confidence in God, then you will have less fear of rejection by people or abandonment by God.  You will also have less fear of the loss of a relationship.
  2. If you have confidence in the Bible, then you will have less fear of situations where you don’t know what to say – because all the main points are covered by Mark’s Gospel in CE, or by the basic story line of the Bible in Life Explored.
  3. If you have confidence in the Methodology, then you don’t need to fear not being able to answer participant’ questions because you’ll understand that you’re not called to be the authority – you can lovingly and patiently show that God’s word is the authority.  If you’re not the authority, then you don’t have to feel like a failure when you occasionally answer, “I don’t know.”

The point is greater than just helping people with the logistics of how to run a CE course.  The larger objective is moving people, and hopefully the whole church, to a greater level of confidence that “I can do this.  I can share the gospel.”

The real impact of training comes as people gain enough confidence to be table leaders (or discussion leaders). There are areas of growth that can only come by being in the game, that is, actually doing it. You will grow as you serve as a table leader.  Veteran CE Leader Dave Hampton says the real impact of CE is the growth that takes place in CE leaders over 4 or 5 years.

Rico Tice says:

When you run a CE course, two things happen simultaneously:  unbelievers hear the gospel, but believers are trained.

There really are no shortcuts along this path.  CE training can serve as a starting point, but you are continually learning and growing as you lead discussions as a table leader.

If we can help you gain in confidence by providing training in your area, please contact us:

West of the Mississippi:  Kevin Allen –

East of the Mississippi:  Alan Avera –

This concludes the Aim of CE Training series by Kevin Allen.

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