Expressing the message of Easter: Resources to share

For many people in America, Christians or not, the message of Easter gets pushed aside by pastel colors, eggs filled with candy, and a life-size bunny that comes and brings treats and gifts to children.

This Easter, you can help steer people back toward the true message of Easter with the following two resources:

Capturing God

“Imagine being offered one photograph that captured the essence of God… Would you look at it?”

Capturing God offers readers insight into who God is by one image: the execution of Jesus. It’s a small book that can be read quickly, but the impact is profound. Check out this excerpt from the book:

No other world religion celebrates the death of its founder. Christianity focuses on it. Why? Why is this symbol the universal loathing badge of honour for Christians?

Because this is the place that best captures God. And so this is the place that this book is about… it will surprise you. It should shock you. It may well offend you. But it might just thrill you and it might just change you, too.

Capturing God | Rico Tice

You can order copies of Capturing God here.

The Real Easter

This small tract explains what the real Easter is all about. It takes readers through the crucifixion and resurrection and talks about the reactions and outcomes of this incredible event. At the end, it challenges readers to consider their reaction to the story and next steps they can take to learn more.

One day – Jesus’ death on the cross. Two reactions – rejection or recognition. Two outcomes – eternal death or eternal life… One day. Two reactions. Two outcomes. One vital decision. Yours…

You can order copies of The Real Easter here.

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