Is the Christianity Explored Conference Worth your Time?

Any time you’re looking at investing a day of your time, you naturally want to know if it’s worth it. 

Time is a precious resource.

I’d like to share with you some testimonies of past conference attendees who have found practical and meaningful value from investing one day at a Christianity Explored conference.

Peter from the Pacific Northwest networked with other pastors from the west that he met at the conference, and they began meeting regularly via phone for mutual encouragement and support.

Brent had previously purchased the Christianity Explored course, but it was just gathering dust on his shelf.  Attending the Christianity Explored conference provided the kick-start he needed. He was able to go back to his church and actually use the course, and also used the Life Explored course.  That then led to his desire for further training and attendance at the conference again the following year.

Joshua found a surprising application of what he learned at the conference.  While the training he had received at the conference was still fresh on his mind, there was a Sunday he was called on at the last minute to be the substitute preacher for the morning service.  The conference session on 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 had been so memorable, that it helped him quickly prepare a sermon that had solid content and strong practical application for the congregation.

What value can you add to your ministry by attending the 2019 conference?  Will it be the value of networking with others?  Will it be the skills you develop or the insights you learn?  Will it be the confidence you need to actually pull the Christianity Explored off the shelf and use it?

Join us May 4 in Nashville, TN for our annual conference. This year’s theme, How Will They Hear, can help your evangelical ministry thrive. For more details and to register, click here.

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