How to Start a Christianity Explored Course

Christianity Explored gives people time and space to discover the best news they’ve ever heard. Over seven interactive sessions, as they explore Mark’s Gospel, people discover who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. The course is flexible and you can use it one-to-one, or in larger groups, churches, or in homes. Here are 5 simple steps to get your Christianity Explored course started.

Step 1: Plan

Ask yourself these questions: “Who do we want to invite? Where will we meet? When will we start?”

Your planning process should always be filled with prayer. Pray before, during, and after your course. It is God who changes hearts and lives.

Step 2: Publicize

You’ll want to get the word out. Some promotional avenues to consider:

  1. Your church – encourage people in your church to come and to bring friends, neighbors, and work colleagues with them.
  2. Your local area – Do you frequent a gym class or a book club? Tell them about it! Personal invitations work best.
  3. Online – in the age of social media, it’s easier than ever before to publicize an event. You can also register your course at so people that are seeking a course in your geographic area can find you.

Step 3: Prepare

Get to know the Christianity Explored material. Watch the videos, look at the discussion guides. Use the Leader’s Guides and Leader’s Area on our website.

Recruit and train leaders to help you facilitate your course. Having a handful of table leaders who can help guide discussion groups will allow your participants to interact with Mark’s Gospel in a deeper way.

Step 4: Present

Now you’re ready to start your course. Run the sessions. Build friendships with participants. Listen to them. Answer questions they have. And don’t forget to cover it all in prayer.

Step 5: Progress

Decide what to do when the course is over. How can you help your participants grow in their faith journey? How will you encourage those who want to go further? You could always consider moving on to our Life Explored course, Discipleship Explored, or some other study for further investigation.

2 thoughts on “How to Start a Christianity Explored Course

  1. Truey ANNE Sterneman

    For sometime I have wanted to reach my neighborhood. The other evening one of my neighbors said she’d like to be in a Bible study.

    My son told me of Christianity explored. I have read what I can but I’m wondering for people who are basically pagan, what would be the best course? life explored or the Gospel of Mark study?
    My neighbors in this condo development are middle class non-churchgoers.. And mostly senior citizens
    Any help you can give me or direction would be very much appreciated.

    Is there a phone number I could talk to someone here in the states?

    1. If you are dealing mostly with senior citizens, I would suggest Christianity Explored. You could present it to them as an opportunity to explore for themselves one of the earliest documents about the life of Jesus – The Gospel of Mark.

      email me at: We can set up a time to talk via phone. I’ll be glad to help.

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