Seeing Miracles of Grace in a State Prison

Christianity Explored is adaptable.  It can be used in a variety of settings – even in a fire camp where state prisoners work off the last months of their sentences by fighting fires!

Each weekend, Doyle Young heads out to La Cima Conservation Camp, better known as “fire camp”, in San Diego County. La Cima is a combination correctional facility (prison) and fire camp.  Doyle takes the inmates at the camp through Christianity Explored (CE), Life Explored (LE), and Discipleship Explored (DE).

Doyle was introduced to Christianity Explored through assisting Art Stevens in the prison ministry at Donovan State Prison in San Diego.  Art has led hundreds of inmates through the whole series of CE courses: CE, LE, and DE. The men who take this series of courses get an hour reduced from their sentence for every hour in any of the three courses.

Keep reading for Doyle’s story on how God is using Christianity Explored to change lives.

La Cima Conservation Camp

“In addition to my day job as a business professor, beginning in 2003, the Lord led me into serving those that are incarcerated. In some respects, I went in confused over the door that had opened into the world of prison ministries. I advise all to be careful of the prayer, ‘Lord, use me.’ It was the most foreign place I had ever visited; every cell in my body said this was not a good decision.”

Surprisingly, Doyle found that the prison system endorses the development of faith through CE, LE, and DE, “I’ve been given the rare privilege of seeing miracles happen on a regular basis for those who don’t fit the pattern of worldly success, inmates who have given their lives over to Christ. They have been given the most precious of all gifts, faith in Christ.”

Doyle found that The Christianity Explored classes provide an interactive forum for participants to learn who Jesus is, what he came to do, and why that matters to each participant.  It helps participants learn and interact with the Truth.

Doyle notes what he has observed, “I find the incarcerated more open to receiving the good news of Jesus Christ… The people I’ve encountered in prison have come to the end of themselves and are drawn to Christ as the giver of new life.”

The people I’ve encountered in prison have come to the end of themselves and are drawn to Christ as the giver of new life.

Doyle Young
Doyle Young

Do you have a story of how either CE, LE, or DE has changed your life? Or do you have a story of how you have seen it impact the life of someone else? We want to know! Email with your story.

One person submitting a story by the end of July this year will be chosen to receive a free book, Finding More: Real-Life Stories Worth Telling, by Rico Tice and Rachel Jones.

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