Leading a CE Course? We’re Here to Help!

Christianity Explored is a simple, structured, and supported way to share the Gospel with your friends, family, or church members. But we know that getting familiar with a new resource can seem overwhelming. That’s why we offer a Leader’s Area just for people running any of our Christianity Explored Ministry series.

Whether you’re brand new to Christianity Explored or you’ve been running CE series for years, the Leader’s Area is full of resources to help you lead your next course. From course video links to exclusive evangelism training from Rico Tice, you’ll have access to a variety of resources designed just for you.

Here’s a brief tour of the Leader’s Area:

How to Get Access

To access the Leader’s Area, you first need to register your course online. To do this, go to the Register tab on our website.

When you click the “Register” tab, the page above will appear. If you want your course registered on our global map, scroll down past, “Please register here” and fill out your course details. If you want to register your course privately (which means it doesn’t go on our map), click the red link listed, “Please register here.”

To register your course (publicly or privately), you’ll be asked to fill in a few details about which CE course you’re running and where. If you’ve registered publicly, this helps us put your location on our global map. Now anyone who looks up a CE course in your area will be able to find you!

Fill in a few details so people in your area can find your course online.

Logging into the Leader’s Area

Within 48 hours of registering your course, you’ll be granted access to our leader’s area. Congratulations! Now, you can login to the Leader’s Area by clicking the lock icon on the far left side of our homepage. Fill in your username and password.

What’s in the Leader’s Area

You’re in! Now what?

Once you’ve logged into the Leader’s Area, you’ll see a page like this:

Scroll down and you’ll find an image for each of our CE courses: Christianity Explored, Life Explored, Discipleship Explored, and our Youth and Children courses. Click on the “play” icon to access content for each course.

Here you’ll find videos for each course session. If someone misses a week, you can send them the link for the video they missed. Or if you’re going through a course on a tablet, laptop, or mobile device, you can watch your course videos from anywhere with these links.

Life Explored videos and shareable links

You can also find extra content, like session commentaries from our creators or frequently asked questions.

Life Explored creators, Nate Morgan Locke, Barry Cooper, and Rico Tice answer leader questions.

Finally, you’ll have access to course downloads and promotional downloads. Here you can print off posters, get our official logo, or show a teaser trailer for your upcoming course.

There’s so much to explore!

With access to the Leader’s Area, support is just a click away. We hope you take a couple minutes to register your course online and explore the Leader’s Area on your own.

To start a new Christianity Explored course, click here.

To register an existing Christianity Explored course, click here.

We’re so excited for you to begin your journey with Christianity Explored!

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