Stories from Latin America 2019: Part 2

Yesterday, we shared an interview with Billy King, a Christianity Explored USA Board Member who has been conducting trainings in Latin America for the last five years. On his last trip, Billy collected stories from trainees in three South American cities. Here are just a few examples of the work God is doing across South America.


“I have learned [evangelism] can be a long process; I need to restart gospel conversations with people I gave up on.”

“I especially liked the three circles (God’s Sovereignty, Gospel Integrity, and Our Creativity); I realize I need to balance all three of these.”

“I need to be sensitive and patient with people.”


“This was an answer to prayer; the church in Colombia needs evangelism. The heart impact for me was James and John asking for high positions and were too proud – that is me.”

“I see the calling to preach the entire message of the gospel and not to separate judgment from grace; I must preach the entire message of redemption.”

“My life has been affected by seeing the structure of the Gospel of Mark; I am now challenged to see and study other books that way.”

“Evangelism and discipleship are parts of the same process, just different places of progress.”

“When we evangelize, we face rejection. When I am not being rejected, I am not evangelizing.

“As believers we are called to be holy; I learned that evangelism is part of my holiness.


I cannot open my own eyes. I can be spiritually blind in some ways. [This conference] helped me see my human nature and really impacted me in seeing my spiritual blindness.”

“What got my attention was the contrast in 2 Corinthians between the New and Old covenants. I see that I have a responsibility in the New [Covenant] to see Jesus. Seeing the splendor of God in Moses helps me see more clearly the gospel. The veil is removed in Christ.

“I understand now that I need to make sure the gospel is really preached and communicated clearly. The only way to see real conversions is to tell the whole gospel.

“I came to see from Billy’s teaching… that we have been wrong pressuring people to make a decision to decide “now.”  I understand now that we need to give people time to think and make their own decision. We need to speak the message clearly but be patient for God to convince their hearts and for HIM to bring them to Himself!”

(This person indicated they came to the conference not as a believer and were confronted with their need for Jesus) “As an unbelieving person, I see that I need to make a decision based on humility — really based on my dependence as a child, to leave my pride and belief that I am good, and to simply receive what Christ did for me.  I see that I need to make a decision of faith to trust in Christ.

Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Latin America who are faithfully sharing the Good News. If you’d like to donate to our work in South America, you can make a donation online or mail us a check at our address (scroll down on donation page to find). Please note that you’d like your gift designated for Latin America.

We’re also finishing up our To the Ends of the Earth campaign, a funding campaign where every new or increased monthly gift will be matched and given to our international work. Your gift will help our ministry partners around the globe, like those in South America. Learn more here.

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