#GivingTuesday: Giving people the tools to love, live, and tell the Gospel

From CE Ministries: By supporting Christianity Explored Ministries this Giving Tuesday, you can help others share the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. 

You might be pretty familiar with Christianity Explored resources. 

Maybe you have a friend at church who became a Christian on a Christianity Explored course. Perhaps your kids’ holiday club uses Epic Explorers. Or you got to know the book of Philippians in your homegroups last year with Discipleship Explored.

But did you know that Christianity Explored Ministries is 90% international? From Nepal to New Zealand, Uruguay to Ukraine, our materials are translated into over 60 languages and used to further the gospel all over the world.  

In fact, over the last six years, more copies of Christianity Explored have been distributed in Open Doors’ top 11 watchlist countries than in the UK. 

“It works so well because it presents the gospel straight from the book of Mark, which is relevant to all cultures,” explain our friends J and P, who travel all over the world providing training and encouragement to Christians in the persecuted church. 


They recently shared a story from a visit to a refugee camp in the Middle East where they help run training and children’s Bible clubs:

“We met two Muslim background ladies (pictured above) who had just finished doing Christianity Explored and had come to faith. You could see in their handbooks that they had really engaged with the sessions—every page was covered in notes. When we left the room with these women, their neighbours were booing at them. Even in refugee camps, it is dangerous for people to become Christians.”

In Angola, missionary and CEM partner David Childs says that Discipleship Explored, which is currently being shipped out, will be an important tool.

In recent years there has been a lack of biblical discipleship, which is really needed in a culture where there is a lot of health, wealth and prosperity preaching and where access to the internet presents a real danger to the purity of young Christians.

CE in Angola

Christianity Explored is already being used in Angola, but David Childs hopes Discipleship Explored will be a real help to young Angolan Christians when it arrives in the next few weeks.

Closer to home in Ukraine, evangelical churches are using Life Explored to provide free English classes. Kseniya Bondarenko, Coordinator for partner organisation Michael Gott International, is passionate about this initiative: “People in Ukraine need English lessons. And we know that they need Christ more than they need English.”

Life Explored (which is used in English with Ukranian subtitles) is a great first step for non-Christians in Ukraine, especially the younger generation. 

Kseniya goes on: “The films are a major hook, and we find that people stay and they are interested. The topics, such as What is the best gift God could give you? are really cool—they speak to people. Although many would be Orthodox and have some belief in God, the idea of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is mind-boggling to them. And nobody ever told them about Christ using media before.”

Life Explored in Denmark

Life Explored is being used across Europe – a Danish translation was launched this year too.

We’ve been sharing stories like this from around the world all year—if you missed the series you can catch up here.

88% of our ministry, including this international work, is funded by individual donors, people like you.

For 2019 only, all regular donations will be doubled by some generous friends and given to our international work. With just a few weeks to go before the end of the year, give now to take advantage of this opportunity. The matched funding is calculated on the annual amount of your gift, so even if you start giving now, the amount will be doubled for the entire year.

So far we have raised $97,000 towards our $130,000 target. 

Could you set up a regular gift this Giving Tuesday to help us help others to love, live and tell the gospel to the ends of the earth? 

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