Donor Stories: “I have gotten to watch folks find the truth of all eternity.”

As 2019 ends, we want to recognize some of our faithful supporters who partner with Christianity Explored. Bill Fullilove, Ministries Pastor at McLean Presbyterian Church and CE Board Member, briefly shares why he uses Christianity Explored.

When and how did you first become involved with CE?

I was approached by a new member of our church who wanted to run CE.  He came in, clearly thinking he had to sell me on it, asking, “Would you just watch one video with me?”  After about five minutes I stopped him and said, “Paul, I’m happy to watch the video with you, but you don’t have to pitch me on this.  I’ve been praying for this for years!”

Why do you give to CE?

I give to CE because it’s an effective way of doing two things: 1) Letting the words of the gospel of Mark themselves show the gospel to people, and 2) helping those people meet Christ in a church context, which means they’re connected to a context of discipleship that will keep them growing in faith after they come to believe in Jesus.

How has your involvement with CE grown, and how has this involvement helped increase your faith and/or knowledge of God?

I was later asked to be on the Board of CE in North America, and I have gotten to watch story after story of folks finding the truth of all eternity in the words of the gospel.

Why should someone consider giving to CE?

Because it’s been a tremendously effective way of telling people about Christ, our only hope in life and death.

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