Should I Run a Life Explored Series?

If you’ve known about our ministry for a while, chances are you’ve run our flagship series “Christianity Explored.” You may be less familiar with our newest series: Life Explored. Launched in 2016, Life Explored is a creative, thought-provoking series that explores our longing for more. LE raises questions such as: where do I find happiness? What is fulfillment? If God exists, what do I want from him?

If you’re looking for a different way to present to Gospel that speaks particularly to a postmodern, nonreligious audience, we invite you to consider Life Explored. Here are some frequently asked questions about the course.

How is Life Explored similar to Christianity Explored?

Both are seven-week series that use films, accompanying handbooks, and a leader handbook. Both are rooted in Scripture and point people to the Gospel message. In addition, both are structured to encourage questions, discussion, and connection between attendees.

What is the difference between Life Explored and Christianity Explored?

Life Explored has a unique approach and message delivery more akin to the story-telling method used by the prophet Nathan in 2 Samuel 12 (as opposed to CE’s more logical presentation). This gears it towards a different audience than Christianity Explored. While the message of sin’s emptiness and God’s grace is the same, Life Explored presents these concepts in a different way.

Who is Life Explored meant for?

Of course, there’s not just “one” audience suited for Life Explored. But the material is uniquely designed for those who do not have any sort of religious affiliation or background. Because of its emphasis on storytelling and audience interpretation, Life Explored engages the postmodern thinker, the artist, the intellectual, the young person, or anyone who might think a bit outside the box.

How does Life Explored present the Gospel?

As Jesus used parables to speak to his culture, Life Explored uses visual storytelling to help people grasp the truth about God in a meaningful, convicting way. Rather than a bullet point lecture, each Life Explored session tells a story reflecting our attempts to find fulfillment and purpose in different “idols.” Without using dialogue, these stories engage viewers with creative settings, moving scores, and culturally diverse characters. After the first film and a period of discussion, a second film presents a more structured talk on an aspect of God’s character or human desire revealed through the story. Think of Film 1 as “the parable” and Film 2 as “the explanation.”

Why does Life Explored reach the millennial and Gen Z audience?

  • LE doesn’t depend on Biblical knowledge. In Western culture, particularly among younger generations, most people have never read the Bible personally. Life Explored starts at the basics, giving people the context they need to be able to understand who Jesus is and why he came. Life Explored gives a panoramic view of the Bible – creation, fall, redemption and new creation – rather than just a narrow slice of the picture.
  • LE corrects false notions of God. Often, the “God” a person rejects is not actually the holy, loving God revealed in Scripture, but rather a destructive view of God painted by unhealthy secular (or even religious) experiences. Life Explored emphasizes the real God we meet in Scripture, with each session exploring a different aspect of God’s character (e.g. goodness, trustworthiness, generosity).
  • LE explains sin as idolatry, as opposed to “law-breaking.” Because it’s more readily acknowledged among post-moderns than the concept of law-breaking, LE explains sin as idolatry. The idea behind this approach is that people begin to see that everyone worships something (money, family, career, romance, etc.). Life Explored shows that if we worship anything other than the living God, our chosen god will lead us to destruction.

If you would like to get tips on running a Life Explored series, read testimonies from others who’ve run LE, or watch the first video, check out our Courses page. If you decide to run LE, we encourage you to register your course and get access to the Leader’s Area. Here you’ll find author commentaries, promotional materials, and video links.

You can pick up a Life Explored Leader’s Kit here.

Also, be sure to check out the Life Explored website:

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