Sharing the Gospel in a time of social distancing

Read on for some ideas for how you can keep reaching out to others with the gospel in these trying times. As ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


For a limited time we have put all of our course films on our YouTube channel to make them easier to share:

Helpful videos to share with friends:


We recommend you refer to government and public health websites for the most up to date information and requirements for running courses in person.

If you’re not able to physically run a course, we recommend moving it online!

If you already have a Leader’s Kit: 

  1. Download the films using the download code that came with your Leader’s Kit.
  2. Purchase the eBook for your participants (Christianity ExploredLife ExploredDiscipleship Explored).
  3. Set up a group on a platform like SkypeZoom or Google Hangouts.
  4. Share your screen to show the films. We have also temporarily added our films to our YouTube channels so you can easily share them with guests ahead of time if you like.

If you don’t yet have a Leader’s Kit, The Good Book Company are still distributing materials and you can get hold of digital copies of the kits too. 

Leader’s Area: If you haven’t signed up for our Leader’s Area yet, we would strongly encourage you to take advantage of the many resources offered there. Here’s a video walk-through of our online Leader’s Area:

Partner Ministries

BibleMesh: You and your guests can sign up for Christianity Explored on BibleMesh for free. This is entirely digital and will give you access to the course films and questions. 

BibleMesh also has an online version of Discipleship Explored for only $25 for 12-month access.

BGEA: You can even share an online version of Christianity Explored. This is available through our partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. BGEA provides trained online coaches to guide your friends through the course. 

Share your stories!

We’d love to hear how you are using our materials during this time.

Please share stories and tips by filling out this short online form.

7 thoughts on “Sharing the Gospel in a time of social distancing

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  2. So glad you are working on a way for us to do CE virtually. Just this morning we were discussing if and how we could do that for our spring session. What a perfect time to run the course; hearts are so jumbled and people have not idea where to turn. Thank you for your love of outreach and your faithful service!

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