Easter Follow-up during COVID-19

Easter is usually one of the highest attended services for churches in the calendar year. As a result, many churches launch small groups, introduction classes, or new series as a way to follow-up with visitors.

COVID-19 drastically changed both Easter services and follow-up opportunities for all churches. Although you may not have seen new visitors in the sanctuary this Sunday, there are still many people turning to the church this Easter in search of hope. We think starting a new Christianity Explored series is a tremendous way to connect with these new seekers.

We’d like to encourage you to begin a Life Explored, Christianity Explored, or Discipleship Explored series within the next couple of weeks. Need some help getting started with an online-only course? We’ve released several resources for you and your church. Keep scrolling to find more.

Free Webinar: Easter Evangelism in Lockdown

Social Media Promotional Material

We’ve made some graphics that your church can use as you advertise your new online series. You can find even more promotional materials in our Leader’s Area. If you have trouble downloading, contact us and we will send you them directly.

For Facebook and Twitter:

For Instagram:

Streaming Videos Online

There are several ways you can stream CE series videos online.

Technical Help

Still haven’t figured out Zoom? Not to worry! CENA and CE Ministries have published several blogs on their site to assist you with this. (Be sure to click “remain on CEM International” to view their blogs.)

Sharing the Gospel During Social Distancing

Useful Resources from Across the Web

Practical Tips from Church Leaders

  • You don’t need a much of a lead time to run Christianity Explored online – one church was ready to run the course online within a week.
  • Social media is a great place to advertise your course – you could even try some paid advertising or post an invitation video.
  • One church found it helpful to meet online for a test run to iron out any issues and get familiar with the technology.
  • If you’re using our videos instead of live talks, one church recommended muting everyone else before playing the video to avoid any disruption during the teaching. 

Share with Us

We’d love to know how your online series are going. What resources do you wish you had? How has your group engaged with the new format? Have you seen people come to Christ in this time? We would love to hear from you!

Drop us a line or share a story with us here:

Alan Avera: alan.avera@christianityexplored.org

Lauren Welch: lauren.welch@christianityexplored.org

Kevin Allen: kevin.allen@christianityexplored.org

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