New Year, New Reading Plan

Our team at Christianity Explored Ministries in London have been working to produce our most popular course, Christianity Explored, into a plan for the YouVersion Bible app

Our goal for this plan is that it will equip you to open up Scripture and explore Jesus with anyone in the world. The plan is a 21-day read-through of Mark’s Gospel that looks at who Jesus is and why he came. It’s a great tool you can use to introduce a seeker or new believer to reading Scripture and investigating Jesus. For Christians, this plan is a refreshing meditation on the heart of our faith: the person and message of Christ.

YouVersion has recently added a feature that enables you to read a plan with multiple friends. You can see each other’s progress and discuss the day’s questions in a private discussion area at the end of each session. We encourage you to use this feature by grabbing a couple friends to go through the Christianity Explored plan with you!

If you or a friend don’t know how to find and download the YouVersion app, watch the video below:

How to Download YouVersion

After a year filled with disappointment and for many, hopelessness, introducing our friends (and re-introducing ourselves) to Scripture is more important than ever. Why not start the new year with this new reading plan?

Follow along online!

Over on our social media channels, we’ll be hosting a 21 Day Read Along beginning on January 1st. The social media posts will consist of snippets from the reading plan that we hope will encourage you to keep going with the plan. We will be sharing the posts on our Christianity Explored North America channels:

We would love for you to find someone to read with you and follow along with us. 

Who can you ask? 

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Download the YouVersion app from the app store [App Store/Google Play]
  2. Search “Christianity Explored”
  3. Start the plan
  4. Select “With Friends”
  5. Choose a start date
  6. Invite your friends

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Reading Plan

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  3. Adam

    Upon looking at the plan on the YouVersion app, it appears that a majority of the videos are blocked (“The video contains content from AuxiliaryMode Affliates, who has blocked it on copyright grounds”). Is this something that can be fixed?

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