An Equipping Tool for your Personal Evangelism

We now live in a world where the words “social distancing” and “isolation” are commonplace. Our ability to freely move and interact with our family, friends and colleagues has been restricted. We’re also having to be cautious when we go outside and interact with our local communities. There’s a tension that we as Christians experience between fighting the virus and fighting the longing for real community. We long for God’s kingdom to grow even during this time.

Our 21-day reading plan was created during the pandemic as a response to this tension. 

This is one way to think creatively about personal 1-1 evangelism and deepen relationships between those around you. The reading plan is flexible to do on your own or with a friend on the phone. It also can be done with a friend on your daily walk or with someone in your support or childcare bubble. 

How is it different from the Christianity Explored course?

  • The material has been condensed to meet the changing rhythms of people’s lives. It can be completed in 3 weeks or at your own pace.

Week 1 focus is on Identity | Who is Jesus?

Week 2 focus is on Mission | Why did he come?

Week 3 focus is on Call | What does it mean to follow him?

  • Each day includes a 5-minute video (with English subtitles) and a short (400 words) devotional to read from Mark’s Gospel.
  • Closing questions at the end of the devotionals that can be used as a starting point for discussion.
  • Two features of YouVersion: You can invite friends to join the plan with you. For those who prefer audio, there is a feature that allows you to have the devotional read to you. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Why not ask the Holy Spirit to prepare your heart today and think of a friend who you’ve already been having discussions with about the Christian faith? This reading plan might be a great next step in their journey towards a personal relationship with God. And please feel free to give us any feedback once you give it a go.
To find out how to download the app and invite a friend, click here.

By Eileen Nitao, Ministry Contact Coordinator, Christianity Explored Ministries

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