“The light of the Gospel transformed me.” – Benjamin’s story

Before knowing Christ, Benjamin was alone and struggled to find simple joy and happiness in his day-to-day life. He knew of God and his teachings, but he did not want to be judged by others for his past.

Benjamin started going to a local coffee shop in South Metro Atlanta to read and after a while, he befriended one of the baristas named Kaleb. Kaleb invited Benjamin to come to his church and attend a Christianity Explored course. “I found that the environment wasn’t condescending, but a warm loving place,” Benjamin said. Though he was shy, he befriended more of the church members including Pastor Zach.

On the very first week attending CE, Benjamin expressed a desire to give his life to Christ. Pastor Zach and Kaleb were surprised by his quick response, but realized that Benjamin was sincere. He received Christ, was baptized, and began a journey of discipleship with his new church.

“With Pastor Zach’s help, I was able to understand more of the Word and that I was loved by God,” Benjamin said. “Knowing that Christ died on the cross gave me a sense of relief: to know that my sins and harsh deeds could be forgiven, that I had a chance for me to become a new me that walks with Christ.”

After meeting Christ, Benjamin felt a heightened sense of peace in my mind. But he also felt as if a battle was taking place within himself, “whether to continue the ways of my old hurtful self or start a new life of peace and prosperity.” He knew, as 1 Peter 1:14-16 says, that he must not be “conformed to the passions of my former ignorance. For I must be holy for God is holy.”

Benjamin realized he had to let go of a mindset and self-image that was destructive to those around him. “With God’s grace and mercy, I am now able to see life in a new way that will allow me to praise his name and help others in need. I am able to be whole with the Gospel.

“The light of the Gospel has transformed me into a man of joy and peace,” Benjamin says. “The Gospel has given me knowledge to understand the world around me. I pray that I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to praise God, and that I am able to spread the gospel. I pray that I  continue having peace of mind and a sound spirit, and that I am able to love others as God has loved me.”

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From left: Kaleb, Benjamin and Pastor Zach

Find out more about Christianity Explored or begin your own course at our website.

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