“There’s got to be more to life.” | Natalie’s Story

Natalie shares her story about discovering a new life in Jesus

I am from Northern Virginia, but God really captured my heart in San Diego, California.

After graduating from college, I moved to San Diego, in hopes of hitting a “reset button” on life. I had recently gone through a challenging season after tearing my ACL playing college soccer and not having a smooth recovery. I wanted to go somewhere beautiful, sunny, and “happy”, and San Diego seemed to fit all of those categories perfectly. 

However, right after moving, I started to feel a sense of emptiness that I hadn’t felt before. Despite the beauty of the city, my family was far away and I didn’t have a sense of familiarity or community. I felt like there wasn’t a clear direction for my life. I also started to feel conviction towards sin (although at the time, I didn’t see it as conviction by the Holy Spirit). But I just felt this strong sense of – there’s got to be more to this life than myself, my happiness, and what the world often portrays as life giving. 

After about two weeks of living in San Diego, I went to a coffee shop one night and ran into a pastor and another member from King’s Cross Church. Pastor Obed asked if he could pray for me and invited me to his church that upcoming Sunday. 

I attended church that week, and heard the Gospel of Mark being preached. I instantly felt a pull towards Jesus and knew that I wanted to learn more. I attended church weekly, got plugged into community, really read my Bible and studied scripture for the first time. I gave my life to Jesus just a few months after. I took the Christianity Explored class through my church, as a deepening understanding of what it means to give my life to Jesus. It was a great supplement in seeing my personal desperate need for Him to invade my life!

When I first attended Christianity Explored, I loved it. I thought the videos along with the discussion questions were so helpful. King’s Cross Church has such an amazing community. From the day I started attending church and CE – I felt seen, known, loved and heard. I think doing CE in the context of the local church is best because you can have ongoing relationship, Lord willing, with people that lead or take the course with you.

What does Jesus mean to me now? Jesus is the most important relationship in my life. Jesus has paid the price for my sin in full and I can now live free of condemnation from God. Jesus is the perfect example. He is the way, the truth, and the life. 

You can help other like Natalie experience the life-changing power of the Gospel by giving to Christianity Explored. Now until December 31st, your gifts are DOUBLED! Give the best gift ever this Christmas: the Gospel of Jesus.

Find out more about Christianity Explored or begin your own course at our website.

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