Coffee and Conversation with Internationals

With refugees continuing to be in the news, is there a way the church can respond? One example of a church that saw this as an opportunity is Trinity United Reformed in St. Catherines, ON. A Pastor in the congregation, Thabet Megaly, who leads a ministry called Pathway of Peace, worked in conjunction with the …

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Commit To It In 2019

In last week's blog, I quoted from Mark Eldredge's four-step plan for focusing your church's ministry in the year ahead. Step four was:   Once you have a clear direction for where to focus next year, commit to it.   The number one mistake I see churches make in implementing an evangelistic strategy is to look for that magic program …

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What is the 80/30 Opportunity – And What Is Your Focus for 2019?

The vast majority of churches in North America need to recover a focus on outreach and evangelism. The need to refocus is seen in the 80/10 problem and 80/30 opportunity. Rick Richardson of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College recently highlighted the 80/10 problem for the December meeting of the Evangelism Leaders Fellowship. The …

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