4 Ways to Use Christianity Explored this Fall

While summer is in full swing, many pastors and church staff are looking towards the fall and planning for one of the busiest times on the church calendar. But in the midst of Sunday schools, small groups, and back-to-school bashes, it's important to create spaces for newcomers, young Christians, or churchgoers struggling with questions about …

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Running Life Explored in a coffee shop

This winter, a small team of church members and their pastor ran Life Explored in a San Diego coffee shop. Each week, their friends, coworkers and even strangers joined in. A biologist, a Hollywood script writer, yoga students, and workout buddies were some of those that gathered to discuss questions of life, meaning and Christianity. …

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Easter Follow-up during COVID-19

Easter is usually one of the highest attended services for churches in the calendar year. As a result, many churches launch small groups, introduction classes, or new series as a way to follow-up with visitors. COVID-19 drastically changed both Easter services and follow-up opportunities for all churches. Although you may not have seen new visitors …

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