Planting Gospel Seeds

When I first took Christianity Explored, my teacher was my good friend, Billy King. I was so excited about the class; I contacted The Good Book Company and started buying supplies so I could start teaching the material myself. 

For a decade now, I’ve given away Bibles and good Christian books at work, on airplanes, to cab drivers, etc. CE_DE_DVD

I knew that in my travels, there would be people that I might never see again, but they could benefit from CE. I know that to just give away the Christianity Explored DVD is an unorthodox approach, but I decided to do it anyway. Because I bought them in bulk, I got a good price on 100 CE DVDs*. I’ve only got about 30 left.

I’ve given them to people that have taken the classes I’ve taught, to the woman who cuts my hair, to neighbors and family.  Some people I have given them to have been believers; some have been hard-core non-believers.

One DVD recipient was atheist who watched the whole thing and then came back to my office and said, “How did Jesus do all those miracles if He wasn’t God?” That started a conversation that we continue to this day, as I pray that the Holy Spirit will open his eyes.

Another time, I was on a plane flying from Kansas City back to Nashville.  I sat next to an enthusiastic college student who was a strong believer.  He lamented that he had just been given a Sunday School class to cover for seven weeks and he was looking for something new and interesting to present. Since I had one of the DVDs in my briefcase, he welcomed the gift and it solved his problem!

This year I had the pleasure of meeting Rico Tice when he came to the U.S., along with Craig Dyer, and Ian Roberts from Christianity Explored Ministries in the UK.

I have also had the joy of teaching Discipleship Explored and look forward to Bible Explored.

God Bless this ministry!

 – Louis Joseph is a member of the board of Christianity Explored USA.

* Bulk discounts are available on all CE resources from The GoodBook Company.

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