You Want to Reach Your Community with the Gospel, but How Can You Get Unstuck?


Have you ever felt and thought the following?

I want to reach people in our community with the gospel, but I know I’m not as effective in doing that as I could be.”

I’ve certainly felt and thought that. Working first as an associate pastor at an established church outside of Washington, D.C., and then after founding and growing a church plant for 15 years, I’ve personally struggled will all facets of that challenge. Along the way I tried just about every tool out there to help.

Later, as the director of church planting and renewal for a small Presbyterian denomination, I helped pastors and church leaders all over the country wrestle with it, too.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about my role with Christianity Explored. Simply put, I’ve seen that CE works. It’s a proven tool to help you reach your community with the gospel, with a track record of more than 15 years of helping churches like yours reach their community in more than 100 countries. It works in all kinds of communities. Prison Fellowship International is finding that it works even in some of the toughest prisons around the world.

Now our North American Conference is just around the corner. This is a conference where you can learn about CE, hear from leaders and peers who have experience using it, and get 1:1 help to show you how to unstick your community gospel outreach. If you haven’t tried it yet, attending is an ideal way to learn more. If you have already experienced the effectiveness of CE, the conference can provide help in using it more effectively.

The Christianity Explored North American Conference has grown in attendance each of the past 5 years, and 95% of attendees report they found it both relevant and valuable. A pastor from California who attended the conference last year said that the conference gave him the training and motivation he needed to successfully implement Christianity Explored in his church.

The 2017 conference is in just a few weeks, March 24-26, hosted by Countryside Community Church in Sherwood, OR (Portland area). We invite you to our vision dinner and supporters evening on Friday night, the training conference with Rico Tice on Saturday, and if you can stay over until Sunday, Rico will preach at all services on Sunday morning at Countryside.

rico-002Rico Tice, our keynote speaker, will address the important topic of connecting the gospel with people in today’s culture.

Noted theologian Dr. Sinclair Ferguson calls Rico a witness to sinners and an equipper of saints. He is Minister of Evangelism at the well-known All Souls Church, Langham Place, in London where the late Dr. John Stott was long-time Rector.

Saturday training will include breakout sessions that are designed to provide something for everyone, from evangelistic rookie to seasoned gospel witnesses. Cost is a mere $25, which includes lunch and snacks.

The conference is an opportunity to learn from experts, leaders, and peers who have done this before, and can show you how to do it, or help you take the next step to do it even better than you are now. People have found past conferences valuable for networking with others passionate for the gospel, and as an opportunity to bring along team members so all can catch the vision of what can be in terms of reaching the community with the gospel.

I love to hear from pastors who tell me how CE is helping them reach their communities with the Gospel. A good example is a pastor in New England. He told me that while running CE courses at churches in Boston and New Hampshire, he has seen people realize for the first time that Jesus is a real, historical person. He also has found that CE is an excellent tool for raising up leaders that are equipped for taking a key role in reaching the many New Englanders who haven’t got a clue about who Jesus is, why he came, or what it means to follow him. We would like for you to see the same thing happen in your church and community.

Click here to register for the conference by March 10.

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